Parish Diary

Specific Events

Vocations: Thursday March 4th is our monthly day of prayer for vocations. Please keep our students and all considering a vocation in your prayers that day especially.

Confirmation Programme 2020-2021: Young people in Year 9 or older can now register for the Confirmation course, which takes place at the Cathedral.To register, please visit the cathedral’s website – – and scroll down on the home page until you see ‘First Holy Communion and Confirmation’.  Click on this, then look on the left of the page it takes you to: click on the item beginning ‘Online Registration for 2020-2021’. Please do not register here for First Holy Communion – that course takes place here at St Walstan’s. (See the other item in our newsletter about registering for next year’s First Holy Communion course.)  However, we join the cathedral for the Confirmation course, although the sacrament is usually administered at St Walstan’s.  If you have any questions, please contact Fr David.

Votive Candles: If you would like me to light a candle and pray for someone or some situation, please let me know, by phone or email, and I will be happy to do so.  Fr David.

GIFT AID/STANDING ORDERS: Did you know, if you pay tax, you can increase the value of the money you donate to our church by £1 for every £4 you give at no extra cost to yourself. You just need to complete a very simple form. All parishioners are invited to contribute their weekly offering via envelopes. You are also welcome to contribute your weekly offering via Standing Order so that you can automatically donate even when you are away. If you pay Income Tax and sign a Gift Aid Form, the Parish is able to recover the tax that you have paid on your weekly offertory contributions. If you are able to do this, please contact Christine Conrad – my emailaddress is

Adult Confirmation: If there are any baptised adults who have not been confirmed and would like to be prepared for that sacrament, please contact Fr David for further details.

School Masses Autumn Term 2020:

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