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Church Opening & Mass:  During the ongoing pandemic, Mass is currently being celebrated at 7pm on Wednesday and at 10am Thursday to Monday inclusive. (There is no Mass on Tuesday.)  The obligation to attend Mass on Sunday has been waived so you don’t have to come to Mass if you feel unsafe, and you can attend on any day of the week.  To make sure there is room, as numbers are strictly limited, please email me or call on Norwich 742812 to ‘book in’.  If possible, please attend on the same day each week: once you have booked your space, you will remain on that list, although I would appreciate you letting me know if you can’t attend on a particular week.  Not everyone can make this commitment, so it is fine to book one week at a time on different days to tie in with shift work and other commitments.  Face coverings are obligatory when attending Mass, so please bring something suitable (mask, scarf, bandana, etc.) if you can.  We have a small supply of disposable masks if you don’t have your own. Thank you for your continued patience and co-operation at this difficult time. Fr David. 

Hospital Visits: If you require a priest to visit someone in hospital, particularly if they have the coronavirus, please ask the appropriate ward to call the chaplain.  Alternatively, you can ring the hospital chaplaincy office on 01603-287470 and they will see that a Catholic chaplain visits.

Mass Online: In addition to the details already given about Mass from Walsingham and the Cathedral , you will also find a huge number of Masses from around the world available online by visiting

Wednesday Word: While the church is closed you will be able to access this useful leaflet via the website