News and Events


Church Opening for Private Prayer: From Sunday July 26th onwards the church will be open for private prayer for one hour every afternoon, 2.00-3.00pm.

Doicesan Newspaper: For the first time since lockdown in March, the diocesan newspaper is being produced again.  Copies will be available for you to take as you leave Mass, and will be given to you by the stewards as you leave.  If you know of someone living near to you who is unable to attend Mass at the moment please ask for a copy for them, too.  The newspaper is also available online and you may prefer to read your copy that way rather than take a paper copy.  If so, the link to follow is:

Wednesday Mass: From Wednesday July 22nd, Mass will be at 7.00pm and not at 10.00am.  Masses on Thursday to Monday inclusive will remain at 10.00am for the time being.  There is no Mass on Tuesday.  Once you have ‘booked in’ for a particular day, you will remain on the list for that day unless you tell me otherwise.  If you have not already re-start attending Mass and would like to do so, please let me know, preferably by email –– or by phone on 01603-742812.  Masks or other face coverings (visors, scarfs, etc.) are obligatory at Mass at the moment, so please bring something suitable if you can.  We have a small supply of masks if you don’t have your own.  Thank you for your patience and co-operation at this difficult time.  Fr David

Mass Online: In addition to the details already given about Mass from Walsingham and the Cathedral , you will also find a huge number of Masses from around the world available online by visiting

Wednesday Word: While the church is closed you will be able to access this useful leaflet via the website