News and Events

Prayer Partners: As usual, we are asking for prayer partners to pray for the children preparing for First Holy Communion.  The list is on the wall near the font.  You don’t need to know the child – Just remember the name and pray for them during these months of preparation. Please do not ‘double up’ on any child until every child has one prayer partner. Thank you.

Altar Servers: If you are over the age of 8 and have already made your First Communion, why not join our band of altar servers?  You can join either team – Saturday 6.00pm or Sunday 10.30am – and full training will be given, along with a very smart cassock and cotta!  If you want more information, please speak to Father David, Deacon Bill, or one of our MCs – Stephen Newton & Christopher Potter.

Union of Catholic Mothers: Calling all ladies – the UCM has been serving the parish for nearly 50 years, and to survive we need more ladies to join us. Young, old, single, or married, everyone is welcome. We meet in the Garden Room at 10.45am on the first Tuesday of the month.

Children’s Liturgy: We are a small group who run the liturgy every week and we need some more helpers. Would you like to join us and help us? We would love to hear from you. Please contact Christine Conrad via email –

Hospital Visits: If you or any member of your family is admitted to the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital and would like to have a visit from a Catholic priest, please inform the staff on the ward and ask them to contact the chaplaincy department in the hospital with the request.

Foodbank: With prices rising, donations to food banks have been falling.  Remember that we have a basket in the church porch for donations.

‘Gift Aid – the good way to give to your Church’

Gift Aid is an arrangement that allows charities, including churches, to reclaim tax on donations made by a taxpayer. It covers weekly giving as well as one-off donations.

This means that every donation you make is worth 25% more to your Church, at no cost to you. For example, if you donate £20, we will be able to reclaim £5 on your donation from the government, meaning the Church gets £20 from you and £5 from the government. If you’re already paying tax on earnings, pensions or income/capital gains from investments, the government simply gives back to the Church some of the tax you have already paid. We don’t need to know your personal details such as income, nor your National Insurance number. Your donations will qualify as long as they’re not more than 4 times the tax you have paid in that tax year (6 April to 5 April).

All you have to do is complete a simple form called a Gift Aid Declaration with your name and address.

Please help us to make the most of this scheme to benefit our Church.

Mass Online: In addition to the details already given about Mass from Walsingham and the Cathedral , you will also find a huge number of Masses from around the world available online by visiting