Holy Week

Holy Week is the pinnacle of the Church’s year and is the time above all when we should be focused on the redemptive actions of Our Lord Jesus Christ when he nailed our sins to the cross and died for us.  We would do well to attend as many of the services as possible, but in particular we should attend all three parts of the Sacred Triduum – the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Maundy Thursday evening, the Solemn Celebration of the Passion on Good Friday afternoon, and the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday evening.  They are three parts of one celebration, not really three separate services, so we experience the fullness of the Triduum by being present at all three parts.


Saturday, April 13th 6.00pm

Sunday, April 14th 10.30am


Monday, April 15th 7.00am

Tuesday, April 16th 7.00pm Chrism Mass at St John the Baptist Cathedral, Norwich

Wednesday, April 17th 7.00pm

Thursday, April 18th 7.30pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper

Friday, April 19th 3.00pm Solemn Celebration of the Passion

Friday, April 19th 7.00pm Mater Desolata

Saturday, April 20th 8.30pm Easter Vigil

Sunday, April 21th 10.30am Easter Sunday Mass